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Knitting a ‘Fantasy’ foulard

Knitting a ‘Fantasy’ foulard in lilac tones for Gangadevi. It will travel to India tomorrow.
To know more about what I lived in Anantapur, read me.
Tejiendo un foulard Fantasy

This foulard is hand knit with a bamboo-wool yarn that gives various thicknesses, creating a special texture and it is irresistibly soft.
Tejiendo un foulard para Gangadevi

100% Handmade with extra love in Barcelona

Happy 2014!

I wish you can knit your dreams with the thread and the colors you choose.

World AIDS Day

A red ribbon on World AIDS Day for zero discrimination.
Red ribbon Amigunuri

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

Knitting Bamboo

These are my hands knitting a foulard with bamboo for newborn.
I love bamboo, it is super soft and strong. A great combination.
Mis manos tejiendo bambú

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

Knitting Leo

Txell ordered me a lion amigurumi to celebrate her 7th birthday because she is Leo. She chose the orange color.
I wanted to show you in 4 snapshots the process for knitting her lion.

amigunuri Leo - Step 1 amigunuri Leo - Step 2
amigunuri Leo - Step 3 amigunuri Leo - Step 4

What about Leo? Txell loves him 😀

Leo wants to transmit you strength and courage.


100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

Knitting Tweed

Here’m knitting one of my favorite blankets, ‘Tweed’.
Mis manos tejiendo la manta Tweed

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

Resurrecting Nosferatu

In Amigunurilandia nursing, Nosferatu expected to be revived after his injuries.

amigunuri Nosferatu - Step 1 amigunuri Nosferatu - Step 2

First I proceed to the extraction of the affected organs and general cleaning … Once I replaced the canine tooths, I continued suturing the eyes.

amigunuri Nosferatu - Step 3 amigunuri Nosferatu - Step 4

After Nosferatu reached the age of 3, he has resurrected with a nice smile. The operation was a success 😀
Nosferatu is one of the main actors in stop motion Halloween.
If you want a Nosferatu…toc-toc!

100% Handknit by me with love in Barcelona