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Un deseo de año nuevo

Siempre hay piedras en el camino, pero…
Piedra tejida y bordada por Amigunuri
La parte de atrás de la piedra, tejida por Amigunuri

Esta piedra la pudiste ver y tocar en ÚNIC.
Si quieres ver otras piedras tejidas, visita ‘Decorating stones’.

100% Handmade with love in Mallorca

Decorating stones

There are beautiful stones, but others that you find on the way are not. I have decorated these ones crocheting a cover with yarns.

Piedra decorada por Amigunuri

I hand knitted the cover according to geometries, angles… With colors that remember me the sea… With natural fibers such as cotton and linen.

Piedra pisapapeles, by Amigunuri

You can use it as a paperweight on a windy day.

Sujetapuertas, by Amigunuri

A beautiful way to hold a door. I like open doors.

Paperweight, by Amigunuri

Take a stone, listen to it and handknit a lovely cover to suit it. Enjoy!

Piedras decoradas por Amigunuri

100% Handmade with love in Mallorca