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Siamo fregati!

Sí, eso dijeron Antonella y Albert cuando se casaron. Estos son los novios amigurumis que les tejí en 2010 para la ocasión y con los que les hice esta invitación de boda.

Novios amigurumis tejidos por Amigunuri

Tuvieron mucho éxito entre los invitados y fueron los protagonistas del pastel.

Eran mis primeros pasos tejiendo amigurumis. Quizás ahora tendrían más personalidad. Pero los tejí con mucho cariño pensando en ellos.

Framing Jungle Princess

Do you remember my framed princesses, illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer?.
I have created a new edging to Jungle Princess, Liliana. I have framed her with her hair colors and organic cotton.

La Princesa de la Selva enmarcada por Amigunuri.

Do not miss ‘The Secret Lives of Princesses’ book.

If you like framing an illustration, a drawing of your son… Contact me.

100% Handmade with love in Mallorca


Me hace ilusión recibir fotos de las personas que reciben un amigunuri o un complemento que he tejido para ellos. Sobretodo cuando es una sorpresa para el que lo recibe.

Corazones Amigunuri bordados

Estos corazones son un regalo de Ricard a su mujer Meritxell. En cada uno de ellos bordé los nombres de sus hijos, Ona i Lluc.

La familia Solé Salamero con los corazones Amigunuri

Me encantan sus sonrisas.
¡Gracias familia!

Txell, Ona i Lluc amb els cors amigunuri

Txell lleva un broche amigunuri, una pequeña rosa roja.

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

Ready for cold

These are the mittens I’ve designed and crocheted to protect my hands from the cold will come. So my fingers are free and they can continue touching 〜(≧◡≦)

Mittens by Amigunuri

Fluffy, warm… And I love these colors.
Do you remember my previous mittens?
If you want mittens, I will crochet for you. Contact me.

Mitones diseñados y tejidos por Amigunuri

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

Framing Princesses

I have decided out of hiding my Princesses forgotten or unknown…. Do you know them? Philippe Lechermeier tells their stories and Rébecca Dautremer illustrated them colorful.

El escondite de mis Princesas

To welcome them, I have started to handknit a frame with cotton yarn so they look even more beautiful.

Amigunuri teje marcos a la princesas ilustradas

This is the princess Ephemeral of China. I have framed her in red, the color of her country, creating ripples to go with in her short flight.
Princesa Efímera de China

Princess Amnesia likes blue and turquoise colors. I hope light breeze returns her memory…
La princesa Amnesia

I could not handknit Blandina princess with another color that was not pink and a pattern to match her lace collar. When I look at this princess, I feel sleepy.
La princesa Blandina

I have framed 4 wonderful princesses. The fourth one is a fundamental ingredient of the famous recipe ‘princess with peas’. I have not handknitted a green frame, in honor of peas. I have preferred to create little balls of pink tones to accompany the dish.
Amigunuri enmarca a las princesas

But I have 16 more pictures. As I go handknitting princesses, I’ll show you them.
Which one is your favorite?
Princesas olvidadas o desconocidas ilustradas por Rébecca Dautremer

Do not miss the test on the book ‘The Secret Lives of Princesses’ if you want to know what kind of princess are you…

I love tales and illustrations. Although these books are addressed to children, I can not resist them. They are little treasures that you always get a little bit somewhere that sometimes thought lost. It’s the magic of stories.

If you like framing an illustration, a drawing of your son… Contact me.

100% Handmade with love in Mallorca

Framing BuBo, the sweet owl

You know Bubo. He is a very sweet little owl who will bring you luck and he will protect you in the dark. Here are two of them framed.
BuBo, the sweet owl

Two different sceneries to create stories. Are unique!!!
Pink BuBo, the sweet owl

if you want one of them or you prefer to choose colors and landscape… contact me.

100% Handmade with love in Mallorca

Crochetting against leukemia

My humble contribution to M Project.
Blue is the sky and orange is the ribbon against leukemia.
Tapetes contra la leucemia

I have crochetted three doilies to form part of a mural to remind Mònika. I did not know her, but it will be my personal remember to a friend who died of leukemia. Take part!
Laia from Llanàrium collects them in Barcelona. It is one of my favorite woolen shops.

100% Handmade with extra love in Barcelona

Framing amigunuris, telling tales

I love tales. When I’m crocheting an amigunuri, I imagine his story.
This is just the beginning… Do you want to continue writing the tale?

A tale of an amigunuri owl

To mark the occassion I decided framing amigunuris to hang on your walls.
The scenery is an illustration I made ​​with ink and colored pencils.

Owl framed detail

If you want BuBo, please contact me.

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

Ready for winter

These are the mittens I’ve knitted to protect my hands from the cold. So my fingers are free and they can continue touching 😉

Los mitones amigunuri de Nuria

I’ve crocheted them with Merino wool and seamless. I love its softness, ideal for knitting garments that will be in contact with skin. I’ve tailor-made, so get my hands tight. On gray days like today, what better to bring a touch of color with orange.

Mitones a ganchillo by Amigunuri

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

El DROID verde

DROID is an android with special features… I hand knit him with bamboo and cotton. He is very soft.
Amigunuri Green DROID

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona