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Welcome Alex!

I would like to introduce you to my cousin Alex.

Alex luce un gorro Amigunuri
His mom and dad choose Victòria Peñafiel to portray him in his first days of life.
I attended the whole session: simplicity, gentleness, kindness, peace and elegance, just what I see in her photos. With patience, unhurried, respecting the rhythms of the newborn and a lot of empathy with his parents.
I knitted a sky blue hat for the occasion. A classic. 😉

Hand knit by me with love.

Ready for winter

These are the mittens I’ve knitted to protect my hands from the cold. So my fingers are free and they can continue touching 😉

Los mitones amigunuri de Nuria

I’ve crocheted them with Merino wool and seamless. I love its softness, ideal for knitting garments that will be in contact with skin. I’ve tailor-made, so get my hands tight. On gray days like today, what better to bring a touch of color with orange.

Mitones a ganchillo by Amigunuri

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona