[lang_en]Snowflake Workshop in OPENstudio79[/lang_en][lang_es]Taller ‘Copo de nieve’ en OPENstudio79[/lang_es]

[lang_es]En el creativo OPENstudio79 te enseñaréa a tejer a ganchillo un bonito copo de nieve para adornar tu casa, el árbol de Navidad o acompañar a tus regalos invernales.[/lang_es]
[lang_en]I back to the wonderful OPENstudio79 to teach you to crochet a snowflake.  What a better way to decorate your gifts or hang on your Christmas tree. [/lang_en]

Snowflake Amigunuri

[lang_es]Reservas en OPENstudio79. c/ San Magin 79, Palma. Tel. 871959045[/lang_es]
[lang_en]You can make your reservation in OPENstudio79. c/ San Magin 79, Palma. Tel. 871959045[/lang_en]

[lang_es]¡Nos vemos el miércoles 14 a las 18h![/lang_es]
[lang_en]See you on 14th Wednesday at 6PM![/lang_en]

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