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The last ‘Fantasy’ foulard

‘Fantasy’ foulard is hand knit with a bamboo-wool yarn that gives various thicknesses, creating a special texture and it is irresistibly soft.

El foulard Amigunuri 'Fantasy' fotografiado por Violeta Rodríguez

You can use ‘Fantasy’ like a wrap or a blanket too. It is very stretchy.

El foulard 'Fantasy' de Amigunuri

I’ll only hand knit one more and with this color composition: oranges, greys and yellows. It is very photogenic. If you want it, contact with me. You will receive a surprise with it.

El foulard Amigunuri sobre un recién nacido fotografiado por Victòria Peñafiel

Thank you so much to Violeta Rodríguez and Victoria Peñafiel for their beautiful photos of a newborn wrapped with ‘Fantasy’ foulard.

100% Handmade with extra love in Mallorca

The bolder colors of ‘SilkMo’ wrap

You know ‘SilkMo’, the most delicate wrap. Handknit by me with a yarn that combines the finesse and delicacy of mohair and elegance of silk. Dare with ‘Gold’ and ‘Terracotta’ colors!!!

SilkMo wrap, by Newborn AmigunuriGold y Terracota, los colores más atrevidos del arrullo SilkMo de Amigunuri

Contact me to order your ‘SilkMo’ wrap.

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of a newborn wrapped with ‘SilkMo’.

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

‘Spiral’ hat

Paint the ‘Spiral‘ hat with the color that you want.
Funny and elegant for moms and dads. An essential basic for photographers.

Newborn Spiral hat. Fotografia de Victoria Peñafiel.

I hand knit this hat with a soft and extrafine 100% Merino wool, which respects the delicate skin of the newborn. There are wide variety of yarn colors to choose from. I’ll find yours.

Newborn Spiral hat colors
Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo.

Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona.

Ready for winter

These are the mittens I’ve knitted to protect my hands from the cold. So my fingers are free and they can continue touching 😉

Los mitones amigunuri de Nuria

I’ve crocheted them with Merino wool and seamless. I love its softness, ideal for knitting garments that will be in contact with skin. I’ve tailor-made, so get my hands tight. On gray days like today, what better to bring a touch of color with orange.

Mitones a ganchillo by Amigunuri

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

‘Bamboo’ Foulard

Bamboo Foulard, photo byVictoria Peñafiel

‘Bamboo’ Foulard is hand knit with a special bamboo yarn. Irresistibly soft.

It is very stretchy. You can manipulate it to achieve different textures. You can use it like a wrap or a blanket too.

Choose your ‘Bamboo’ color.

Bamboo is softness and strength. It is also breathable, antibacterial, quick drying, capable of deodorization, absorbent, excellent permeability and 100% biodegradable.

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of Lotta wrapped with ‘Bamboo’ foulard.

All products are handmade by me with love!