‘Season’ Pouch

I’ve been working with recycled cotton and I love the results. It has a solid and delicate texture. Combining colors and crochet I give it a new life, making into a very practical ‘chic’ pouch. Taking inspiration from the seasons, I’ve chosen four 100% cotton fabrics for the inside with designs that complement the outside. It has a zipper, so your stuff are safe. So, was born ‘Season’.

Summer Color Combination Season Big Pouch Amigunuri

Season Pouch Amigunuri Spring Spring Color Combination

A combination of colors for each season. There are three sizes of ‘‘Season’ pouch.

Winter Color Combination Season mini Pouch Amigunuri

Season Pouch Amigunuri Autumn Autumn Color Combination

I love natural fibers.

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

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