Visiting Japan Amigurumi Association

A few months ago I was lucky to meet Miyuki and Hiroko, from Japan Amigurumi Association. I visited them in Tokyo, on a Sunday meeting with their members. I showed them some of my creations and their reaction was: ‘Kawaii’ 🙂

Miyuki, Hiroko and me in Japan Amigurumi Association

One Sunday a month they meet in the Sprout Café to knit amigurumi, learn and enjoy together.

Encuentro mensual de la Japan Amigurumi Association Reunión en la Japan Amigurumi Association

I was talking to Miyuki about Association, the different materials we use, how to put the eyes… She asked me how I learned to knit amigurumi and she was surprised because I am self-taught and I began with a japanese book. She showed me the new book they edited and I bought material from their collection.

Mi adquisición de la Amigurumi Collection Miyuki me muestra el nuevo libro que han editado

We share our experiences in ‘our English’. I would love to speak Japanese.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Mercè Pascual Llop says:

    Kawai Núria… greetings…. MOLTES FELICITATS per la iniciativa i per impulsar aquest projecte que creix amb la teva passió i dedicació

  2. nuria says:

    Mercè, moltes gràcies per les teves paraules 😀

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Nuria, I love your amigurumi art. I am traveling from Australia to Japan on Thursday (VERY EXCITED) and I would love to attend the Amigurumi Association of Japan meeting. Do you know what time they are held on the Sunday?
    Thank you for giving me your time.

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