In the studio of Maria Dolors Just

I met Maria Dolors a few years ago in Santa Llúcia market, in Barcelona.
I loved their scarves, shawls and delicate foulards woven with her hands on a loom.
I visited her beautiful studio on Saturday and we were talking for a while.

Los telares de Maria Dolors. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

It is a charming place, full of details. Breathe art.

M Dolors me explica como funcionan los telares. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

M. Dolors explained to me the way her low-warp looms work. She hand weave her designs with them. The positioning of the threads, the use of the pedals, the shuttle …

Los urdimbres en el telar. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

What a crazy threads!

M Dolors me explica como funciona el telar. Fotografía de Fran Simó. Parte del telar de bajo lizo. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

Hilos en el telar. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

Each loom has pieces processing. Use natural fibers and sometimes adds decorative elements. She likes to create new models every season.

M Dolors tejiendo en el telar. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

We were talking about craft, the satisfaction of creating with your hands, about life …
An unexpected morning.

M Dolors me enseña a iniciar un tapiz

Following her instructions, I tried a small vertical loom and wove a mini tapestry.

Tejiendo el pequeño tapiz. Fotografía de Fran Simó.

I even dared to change color and geometric form. The result xD

En plena acción, combinando colores. Fotografía de Fran Simó. El mini tapiz acabado de tejer

Tapiz mini by Amigunuri

I leave you with her video presentation.

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