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‘Tweed’ blanket

‘Tweed’ is a blanket hand knit with a yarn that combines a rustic tweed appearance with softness and the feel-good factor. The soft alpaca net construction of this special yarn is blended with virgin wool and tweed to create a wonderful handle.
Tweet blanket. Fotografia de Victoria Peñafiel
The pattern is different on each side. You can use it like a wrap too.
‘Tweed’ is available different colors combination.

Tejiendo la manta Tweed Las dos caras de la manta Tweed

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of a newborn wrapped with ‘Tweed’.

Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona.

‘Spiral’ hat

Paint the ‘Spiral‘ hat with the color that you want.
Funny and elegant for moms and dads. An essential basic for photographers.

Newborn Spiral hat. Fotografia de Victoria Peñafiel.

I hand knit this hat with a soft and extrafine 100% Merino wool, which respects the delicate skin of the newborn. There are wide variety of yarn colors to choose from. I’ll find yours.

Newborn Spiral hat colors
Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo.

Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona.

The value of handmade

The handmade things need time. You can be skillful and faster with the technique, you need time. And it is not only the time you spend in the final implementation. Previously you had to design it. The drawing, colors, measures… You’ve also selected the materials, you tested them. All this takes time. And I have the impression that time is not valued.

A few months ago I finished knitting this pure wool blanket. And, just curious, I wanted to know how long I spent crocheting it, not counting all the previous steps I mentioned earlier. I spent 30 hours with the crochet hook. Five hours is the maximum time that I could be followed crocheting, my wrists and tendons suffer too much.

Manta de lana con motivo chevron

Another point is the materials. As you know, I like working with natural fibres and high quality. For this blanket I used 100% wool from the Peruvian highlands. It is thick and soft. To crochet this blanket, 109 x 138 centimetres, I needed 12 balls of 100 grams each.
More than 1kg of wool!
Considering the value of the wool only, this blanket cost € 105.

Manta de lana tejida a mano con motivo chevron

What I value most is the satisfaction of knitting the blanket to my liking. Next winter I will smoothly warm 🙂

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

Welcome Alex!

I would like to introduce you to my cousin Alex.

Alex luce un gorro Amigunuri
His mom and dad choose Victòria Peñafiel to portray him in his first days of life.
I attended the whole session: simplicity, gentleness, kindness, peace and elegance, just what I see in her photos. With patience, unhurried, respecting the rhythms of the newborn and a lot of empathy with his parents.
I knitted a sky blue hat for the occasion. A classic. 😉

Hand knit by me with love.

‘Cocoon’ wrap

Cocoon‘ wrap is hand knit with a a yarn that gives various thicknesses, creating a special texture. You can use it like a blanket too. Ask me for more colors.

Cocoon wrap Newborn Amigunuri
Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of a newborn wrapped with ‘Cocoon’.

Hand knit by me with love.

‘Bamboo’ Foulard

Bamboo Foulard, photo byVictoria Peñafiel

‘Bamboo’ Foulard is hand knit with a special bamboo yarn. Irresistibly soft.

It is very stretchy. You can manipulate it to achieve different textures. You can use it like a wrap or a blanket too.

Choose your ‘Bamboo’ color.

Bamboo is softness and strength. It is also breathable, antibacterial, quick drying, capable of deodorization, absorbent, excellent permeability and 100% biodegradable.

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of Lotta wrapped with ‘Bamboo’ foulard.

All products are handmade by me with love!