‘Tweed’ blanket

‘Tweed’ is a blanket hand knit with a yarn that combines a rustic tweed appearance with softness and the feel-good factor. The soft alpaca net construction of this special yarn is blended with virgin wool and tweed to create a wonderful handle.
Tweet blanket. Fotografia de Victoria Peñafiel
The pattern is different on each side. You can use it like a wrap too.
‘Tweed’ is available different colors combination.

Tejiendo la manta Tweed Las dos caras de la manta Tweed

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of a newborn wrapped with ‘Tweed’.

Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. etringita says:

    La foto de los deditos del bebé sobresaliendo entre los puntos es tan… ♥

  2. nuria says:

    Si, es preciosa Etringita. Me encanta esta foto de Victòria 😀

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