‘Skin’ blanket

‘Skin’ is the blanket I completely handmade with super thin 100% Merino wool. I do it by the technique of felting. I use wool, very hot water, olive oil soap and my hands. It is a slow and delicate process. But also magical.

'Skin' blanket, by Amigunuri. Photo by Victòria Peñafiel

Victoria Peñafiel already has his ‘Skin’, white with gray motifs. Do you like it?.

Detalle de la manta 'Skin'  Amigunuri

A felted blanket that is pure softness. They are unique pieces, impossible to make two alike.


Delicate, super soft, full transparency … Dare to play with it in your newborn photos. If you want a ‘Skin’ blanket, contact me.


Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

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