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Framing amigunuris, telling tales

I love tales. When I’m crocheting an amigunuri, I imagine his story.
This is just the beginning… Do you want to continue writing the tale?

A tale of an amigunuri owl

To mark the occassion I decided framing amigunuris to hang on your walls.
The scenery is an illustration I made ​​with ink and colored pencils.

Owl framed detail

If you want BuBo, please contact me.

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona

‘Trena’ blanket

Some days I’d sleep like Marco and dream I’m floating over a sea of ​​deep blue…
What he dreamed while sleeping so peacefully on the amigunuri ‘Trena‘ blanket?

Manta Trena Newborn Amigunuri photoprop
This beautiful moment has been captured by Victoria Peñafiel.

‘Trena’ blanket hand knit with a yarn that gives various thicknesses, creating a special texture. Two into one because the pattern is different on each side. Available in two color compositions.

Hand knit by me with love.

Bubo, the sweet owl

amigunuri Bubo

He will bring you luck.
Bubo is a very sweet little owl who always wants to carry with you.
In the dark he will protect you.

navy owl amigunuri pink owl amigunuri

Choose your color.
Bubo the amigunuri owl

100% Handknit by me with love in Barcelona