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‘Skin’ blanket

‘Skin’ is the blanket I completely handmade with super thin 100% Merino wool. I do it by the technique of felting. I use wool, very hot water, olive oil soap and my hands. It is a slow and delicate process. But also magical.

'Skin' blanket, by Amigunuri. Photo by Victòria Peñafiel

Victoria Peñafiel already has his ‘Skin’, white with gray motifs. Do you like it?.

Detalle de la manta 'Skin'  Amigunuri

A felted blanket that is pure softness. They are unique pieces, impossible to make two alike.


Delicate, super soft, full transparency … Dare to play with it in your newborn photos. If you want a ‘Skin’ blanket, contact me.


Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

‘SilkMo’ wrap

‘SilkMo’ is a wrap hand knit with a yarn that combines the finesse and delicacy of mohair and elegance of silk. Perfect to emphasize the newborn delicacy.

Newborn wrapped with SilkMo wrap amigunuri
Six colors available. If you are bold person, discover what are the other two.

SilkMo colors, by Amigunuri
Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of a newborn wrapped with ‘SilkMo’.

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

HeroKid pencil covers

HeroKid amigunuri Pencil covers

Back to school is just around the corner.
These are the superheroes SuperKid, BatKid y SpiderKid. Kids will write and explain to their schoolmates and friends the great adventures of the summer.
HeroKid Pencil cover by amigunuri

An amigunuri pencil cover go with your kids to school every day.
If you want another HeroKid, ask me.
Los HeroKid amigunuri para cubrir los lápices

100% Handknit by me with love in Barcelona

Cthulhu and H.P. Lovecraft

On this day, many years ago, Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born, Cthulhu’s father.
Cthulhu rests dreaming. Someday, he hopes to escape… Would you want to release?

Amigunuri Cthulhu de Lovecraft

If you want an amigunuri, please contact me.

100% Handknit by me with love in Barcelona

Ratón Pérez Pack

Pack Raton Perez amigunuri

I have prepared a very special pack for kids who lose their baby teeth. It is ‘Ratón Pérez’ (Tooth Fairy, la Petit Souris). He is the most important mouse in the world. He is accompanied by a box for you to keep your treasure and an exclusive card identification where you´ll write confidential information to Ratón Pérez.

El Raton Perez

If you want another color mouse, ask me.

Las cajas para guardar los dientes

100% Handknit by me with love in Barcelona

Owl dreams

I’m sure about one thing: Owls dream. But… About what?
Perhaps with the sunlight, branches of giant trees, hunt the stars in a dark sky … To be fish and dive into the sea?

Amigunuri Owl dreams

You know Bubo. He is a very sweet little owl who always wants to carry with you. He will bring you luck and he will protect you in the dark. Choose your color.

BuBo the sweet owl

Owl is a symbol of wisdom and is sacred in some places.

If you want BuBo, please contact me.

100% Handknit by me with love

Big Cames-llargues

Remember Cames-llargues?
These jumping creatures with long legs… Now they are bigger, endearing and pleasant to cuddle. They wish you happy friday.

Big Cames-llargues wish you

I crocheted them with cotton. Choose the Cames-llargues you like. Are unique, no two are alike. If you want a custom cames-llargues, contact me.

Amigunuri Big Camesllargues Big CamesLlargues in my arms

Remember, Cames-llargues listen and keep all your secrets. Do not forget to take them on a trip, they are great adventurers.

Big CamesLlargues jumping

100% Handknit by me with love


Carlota wear one of my headbands. She likes it, doesn’t she?
Amigunuri headbands are addaptable to different head sizes. Handmade by me as you like, matching blankets, wraps and foulards.

Carlota luciendo una diadema amigunuri

I show you some of them.
Contact me if you want one of my headbands, they are not available in the shop.

Amigunuri Sunflower headband
Amigunuri headband
Amigunuri Pink headband

Thank you so much to Mireia Comas for her beautiful photo of Carlota.

Handmade by me with love.

‘Spiral’ hat

Paint the ‘Spiral‘ hat with the color that you want.
Funny and elegant for moms and dads. An essential basic for photographers.

Newborn Spiral hat. Fotografia de Victoria Peñafiel.

I hand knit this hat with a soft and extrafine 100% Merino wool, which respects the delicate skin of the newborn. There are wide variety of yarn colors to choose from. I’ll find yours.

Newborn Spiral hat colors
Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo.

Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona.

The value of handmade

The handmade things need time. You can be skillful and faster with the technique, you need time. And it is not only the time you spend in the final implementation. Previously you had to design it. The drawing, colors, measures… You’ve also selected the materials, you tested them. All this takes time. And I have the impression that time is not valued.

A few months ago I finished knitting this pure wool blanket. And, just curious, I wanted to know how long I spent crocheting it, not counting all the previous steps I mentioned earlier. I spent 30 hours with the crochet hook. Five hours is the maximum time that I could be followed crocheting, my wrists and tendons suffer too much.

Manta de lana con motivo chevron

Another point is the materials. As you know, I like working with natural fibres and high quality. For this blanket I used 100% wool from the Peruvian highlands. It is thick and soft. To crochet this blanket, 109 x 138 centimetres, I needed 12 balls of 100 grams each.
More than 1kg of wool!
Considering the value of the wool only, this blanket cost € 105.

Manta de lana tejida a mano con motivo chevron

What I value most is the satisfaction of knitting the blanket to my liking. Next winter I will smoothly warm 🙂

100% Handmade with love in Barcelona