‘Xarxa’, the net bag

Someone will call it ‘retro’ because it evokes the past and others ‘vintage’ but it is not possible because I knit it now with present materials. ‘Xarxa’ net bag reminds me my grandma bag when I were going to buy at the grocery store.
Is very handy, it expands and increases its capacity. I took it to the mountain, but it is perfect to go to the beach. I love it.

Xarxa net bag Amigunuri

if you want to have a net bag this summer, I will knit as you like. If you prefer to learn to knit it, I’ll teach you in a workshops on demand. Contact me.

Xarxa net bag Amigunuri en azul Xarxa net bag Amigunuri en naranja

I’ve crocheted the net bag ‘Xarxa’ using different threads. Blue one is recycled cotton and orange one is a mix of cotton, polyester and bamboo.

100% Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona

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