Habu Textiles in Kyoto

Just get to Kyoto I went to Habu Textiles. I met his wonderful yarns in New York store, and I did not want to miss the opportunity to visit them. What a beauty place!

Habu Textiles in Tokyo

When you enter you can see the delicate Ripins chloting. I love her designs.

En la entrada de Habu Textiles en Tokio

You take off your shoes and you comin into the world of exquisite yarns. I wanted to take all of them… As I took the difficult decision of choosing, they offered us tea.

Los tatamis en Habu Textiles de Tokio
Los hilos De Habu Textiles en Kioto

Although we could not communicate through language, we understood quite well.

Eligiendo hilos en Habu Textiles de Kioto

Habu Textiles is located in a peaceful neighborhood, near the famous ‘Philospher’s walk’. Even the store entrance can go undetected.

Entrada de HabuTextiles en Kioto

It is a little treasure of Kyoto city that is not in the guide books. Do not miss it!
Have already passed a few months and I have not yet decided what knit with the threads I bought.

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