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A tiny tapestry

Ups! El otro día, hablando de tapices en el post de Miró, me di cuenta que no te había mostrado el otro tapiz que tejí en el taller de Maria Dolors el año pasado. Es un tapiz muy pequeño, de apenas 7cm de ancho, y de líneas sencillas.

Mini Tapiz by Amigunuri

¿Has probado a tejer un tapiz?
Para pequeños formatos puedes hacerte tu el telar, incluso con una caja de cartón, y aprovechar restos de fibras que tengas. Es divertido.
Es un arte con muchas posibilidades y en el que puedes ser muy creativo. Sólo hay que dejarse ir, sin tapujos. Jugar con los materiales… Sentir. Mmmmm… ¡Mis manos me piden movimiento!

Tiny tapestry by Amigunuri

M.Dolors me dijo que éste tenía un aire mallorquín. Unos meses después me fui a vivir a la isla.

Hand knit by me with love.

Coloring Autumn

The best way to celebrate autumn is doing with its colors and ‘Autumn’ blanket.
It is perfect to newborn photography. Thick and fluffy. You can combine it with many backgrounds because it has beautiful color combination.

Autumn amigunuri blanket. Photo by Victòria Peñafiel.

Two in one, because design is different on each side, braided and wavy.
I just will handknit 2. If you want it, contact me

Manta amigunuri 'Autumn'. Foto de Victòria Peñafiel.

This beautiful moments has been captured by Victoria Peñafiel.

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

PEACE, please!

Día Internacional de la Paz - Amigunuri

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

Knitting dreams

Un mes que acaba, otro que empieza.
Renovando ilusiones.
Tejiendo sueños.

Pol duerme sobre una manta Amigunuri. Photo by Victòria Peñafiel

Pol duerme tranquilamente sobre una manta que he tejido a mano con lana de tonos marrones.

Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo.

Going for a walk among sheeps

Last April, walking through Tramuntana mountains, I found a flock of sheep grazing and resting peacefully among the olives. I stopped for a while without disturbing to hear the sound of their bells.

I love the sound of bells.

Unas ovejas descansando a la sombre de un olivo

Time seems to stop. These moments make me happy.

Deciden cambiarse de lugar

Later, this little one had strayed from his flock. She was crazy looking back with the group. All sheeps were bleating and bleating to guide her, but she don’t finds a way to join them. That sound was shocking.

Una oveja perdida de su rebaño intenta encontrarlo

She finally got back to the flock and I felt relieved.
Enjoy mountains!

The last ‘Fantasy’ foulard

‘Fantasy’ foulard is hand knit with a bamboo-wool yarn that gives various thicknesses, creating a special texture and it is irresistibly soft.

El foulard Amigunuri 'Fantasy' fotografiado por Violeta Rodríguez

You can use ‘Fantasy’ like a wrap or a blanket too. It is very stretchy.

El foulard 'Fantasy' de Amigunuri

I’ll only hand knit one more and with this color composition: oranges, greys and yellows. It is very photogenic. If you want it, contact with me. You will receive a surprise with it.

El foulard Amigunuri sobre un recién nacido fotografiado por Victòria Peñafiel

Thank you so much to Violeta Rodríguez and Victoria Peñafiel for their beautiful photos of a newborn wrapped with ‘Fantasy’ foulard.

100% Handmade with extra love in Mallorca

‘Skin’ blanket

‘Skin’ is the blanket I completely handmade with super thin 100% Merino wool. I do it by the technique of felting. I use wool, very hot water, olive oil soap and my hands. It is a slow and delicate process. But also magical.

'Skin' blanket, by Amigunuri. Photo by Victòria Peñafiel

Victoria Peñafiel already has his ‘Skin’, white with gray motifs. Do you like it?.

Detalle de la manta 'Skin'  Amigunuri

A felted blanket that is pure softness. They are unique pieces, impossible to make two alike.


Delicate, super soft, full transparency … Dare to play with it in your newborn photos. If you want a ‘Skin’ blanket, contact me.


Hand knit by me with love in Mallorca.

A sheep on Tramuntana mountains

Una oveja en la sierra de Tramuntana

Esta oveja que pasta alegremente por la Serra de Tramuntana mallorquina, necesita una buena esquilada… ¿Qué te parece? Queda poco para una sesión refrescante.

Owl dreams

I’m sure about one thing: Owls dream. But… About what?
Perhaps with the sunlight, branches of giant trees, hunt the stars in a dark sky … To be fish and dive into the sea?

Amigunuri Owl dreams

You know Bubo. He is a very sweet little owl who always wants to carry with you. He will bring you luck and he will protect you in the dark. Choose your color.

BuBo the sweet owl

Owl is a symbol of wisdom and is sacred in some places.

If you want BuBo, please contact me.

100% Handknit by me with love

‘Tweed’ blanket

‘Tweed’ is a blanket hand knit with a yarn that combines a rustic tweed appearance with softness and the feel-good factor. The soft alpaca net construction of this special yarn is blended with virgin wool and tweed to create a wonderful handle.
Tweet blanket. Fotografia de Victoria Peñafiel
The pattern is different on each side. You can use it like a wrap too.
‘Tweed’ is available different colors combination.

Tejiendo la manta Tweed Las dos caras de la manta Tweed

Thank you so much to Victoria Peñafiel for her beautiful photo of a newborn wrapped with ‘Tweed’.

Hand knit by me with love in Barcelona.